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Diploma In Catering Technology.

India is Place where everyone will talk about the Hospitality, and the Service we provide, India will be having it’s standards set in that way that no other Country will compete with us in this aspect. They used to learn from our Services, Culture and more.. In Hotel Management, We provide you with How to Serve in a polite and humble way. And how to Provide people Hospitality even, To provide you Services like that, we do have Catering Service.

What is Catering:

Catering is the activity of providing food and beverage for events. They are either independent vendors or individuals within a particular department or Staff (such as a hotel, restaurant, institution, venue, etc.).

Catering is provided in Various Fields
  • Events
  • Business meetings.
  • Conferences
  • Exhibitions.
  • Special events.
  • Weddings and Other social occasions.
  • These are the places you can render your services.

Eligibility Criteria for Catering technology:

One of the Most Important Thing to know For one who is interested in Catering Services, The Eligibility for Catering Services are He has Complete +2 in Academics is all that you required and for further advantages you should posses a Bachelor Degree. Along with that your Communication skills and pleasing attitude to attract people is also must. and Culinary industry certificate is an added Advantage

Career Options in Catering Services:

You can have lot of Opportunities in Catering Services. They will be hotels, Airlines, Food Research Laboratories, Food Wholesalers, Food Processing Companies. You can be an entrepreneur, if you gain enough of Knowledge and experience in this field.

Creative and innovative People are always given preferences. For every task you’re expectation will be on salary. In this field how much smart and how much workaholic earns you to your pocket full.

Aimfill international is one of the best International Career Courses Providing Centers, Which will be having its wing spread all over from Kerala to Hyderabad. It Provides you with Hotel management, Fashion Designing, BBA, and few other courses. In Hotel Management You have Catering Services which will make you as a best caterer or an entrepreneur to set your life a new path of success.