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Diploma In Food Production.

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Food is the Prime Source for human beings. The works what all we do, and the Salary what we get for that work is all for getting our four fingers into our mouth to get our self satisfied from our hunger.

Now a days Food Production is a huge Platform to earn, reason for it is so simple, Present youth or families would prefer to go for dinner to a restaurant, The bill they pay is all for money which Directly refers to Food Production. Such importance it will give in Food Production.

What is Food Production???

Food Production means Maintaining the Quality of the food, The nutritional values it will be having all comes under it.

Scope and Aspects of Food Production:
  • Food production Management position is to have a variety of food services, but, most jobs have a similar function: ensuring that operations run smoothly.
  • As a food Service Manager, You would use a wide range of skills relating to administration, nutrition, sanitation, technology, and Communications.
  • You apply these skills to keep a food Service business operating in the safest and most cost-efficient manner. Because this position involves staff oversight, you probably need good interpersonal skills as well.

Eligibility Criteria for Catering technology:

Should Posses 10+2 and also posses English as one of the main subject from any Board of Examination.

Subjects you will come across Food Production:
  • Food Production.
  • Larder.
  • Bakery and Pastries.
  • Costing.
  • Hygiene.
  • Equipment maintenance.
Career Opportunities:

Food Production mainly involves three Fields

  • Processing of raw food into Produce good for consumers.
  • Maintenance of cafeteria and distributing of food materials in Schools and colleges.
  • Can be in a Private firm to access yourself to be an entrepreneur.
Duties and responsibilities:

These includes

  • Buying food items.
  • Hiring and firing employees.
  • Creating Budgets.
  • Planning menus.
  • Handle Customer issues.
  • Complete Operational issues.